Central Plains were in great turmoil

regime was already defeated by the Eastern Jin at the Feishui Bartle, and the Central Plains were in great turmoil. Lu Guang thus set up the Later Liang regime at Guzang (today’s Wuwei). Lu also appointed his own son as General of the West, Military Governor of Regions West of Yumen and Great Protector of the Western Regions, headquartered in… Read more →

the management mode in the Dongying Hotel

  According to the operating budget of the Dongying Hotel in 2001, the annual turnover index of the food and beverage department in Building One and Two is 9. 6 million Yuan (including wine but not including internal reception) with a cost rate oj 50% and a gross profit of 4.8 million Yuan as well a net profits of 2,903,100… Read more →